• Three Phase Servo Stabilizers

Three Phase Servo Stabilizers


Solar Powertech Solutions is the manufacturer of Three Phase Servo Stabilizers in Coimbatore.

Capacity 3KVA-1000KVA
Correction Speed 60V/Sec
Waveform Distortion Nil
Insulation Class "B"
Short Circuit Protection Fuse/MCB/MCCB/ACB
Metering 7 Segment LED for I/p & O/p Voltage
Circuit Type Micro Controller Based
Cutoffs High & Low Voltage, Overload
Alarms Audible High & Low Voltage Cut off
LED Indications I/p, O/p On, High & Low Cut off
Normal 295V-470V
Low Wide 245V-470V
High Wide 295V-520V
Output Voltage Adjustment 345V-415V(Internally settable)
System Balanced/Unbalanced
Type Of Cooling Air Cooled/Oil Cooled
Mode Of Operation Automatic/Manual
Operating Frequency 47-53Hz